Kyokushin karate Kara Bo Bics

 Kyokushin in the Netherlands 



The highest graduated in our country is Shihan Loek Hollander (8th Dan), he is I.K.O. International Committee Member and Branch Chief (appointed by Mas Oyama himself) of the Netherlands representing Europe and Africa. Shihan Loek Hollander was awarded by Kancho Matsui, in 1999 with a 8th Dan degree.
Shihan Loek Hollander achieved the 100 man kumite in 1967.

Many national and international known kyokushin karatekas took lessons (also Sensei Remi da Silva) at the
Dojo of Loek Hollander Located at the Jerichostraat in Rotterdam. If you want more information about Kyokushin karate in the Netherlands visit : The official homepage of the NKKO (Dutch-Kyokushinkai Karate Organization).



 Shihan Loek Hollander and Kancho Matsui